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Study Plan

Design and Digital Innovation Program,
MSME School of Business

student - ABAC DDI Business Administrator

Study Plan

3 Years

Intensive Courses
• Overview of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Design
• Preparation for Design
Intensive Courses
1st. Year Study Plan
First Semester
• English for Effective Communication
• Happiness Advantage
• Digital Mindset and Sustainability
• Entrepreneurial Inspiration
• Business Innovation and Design Thinking
• Digital Consumer Insights
• Introduction to Creative Culture and Trend
• Photography and Cinematography
• Tech Startups
• Aesthetic
• Designing Life with Passion
• Business Ethics Seminar I
1st. Year Study Plan
1st. Year Study Plan
Second Semester
• English for Academic Purposes
• Leadership for a Digital Age
• Global Strategy and Communication
• Digital Marketing
• Global History of Art and Design
• Introduction to Environmental Design
• Design Thinking/Method
• AI for Business
• Business Etiquettes and Personal/CEO Branding
• Business Ethics Seminar II
1st. Year Study Plan
2nd. Year Study Plan
First Semester
• Integrated English Skills
• Lifestyle and Experiential Marketing
• Global Business and Commercialization
• Business Networking and Incubation
• Graphic Communication and Presentation
• Practical Data Science for Entrepreneurs
• Application Design and Coding
• UI/UX Design in Technology
• Empathy and Customer Centric
• Workshop I
• Business Ethics Seminar III
2nd. Year Study Plan
2nd. Year Study Plan
Second Semester
• Brand-Driven Innovation
• Entrepreneurial Finance
• Entrepreneurial Accounting
• Economics for Entrepreneur
• Design Studio
• Business Intelligence for Strategic Planning
• Agile Methods
• Pitching and Story Telling
• Legal Aspects in Business, IT, and Creative Industry
• Well-being for Learning and Life
• Future Skill Forum
• Workshop II
• Business Ethics Seminar IV
2nd. Year Study Plan
3rd. Year Study Plan
First and Second Semester
First and Second semester students can select 2 types of learning with 39 credits as follows:

1. Choose courses from each faculty from the bachelor's degree level for first and second semesters.

2. Choose courses of each faculty at the bachelor's degree level for first semester and internship with leading companies that have cooperation with the course for second semester.
3rd. Year Study Plan