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Psytech Assessment Tool

Psytech - ABAC DDI Business Administrator

Find Yourself with the Latest Technology

The Psytech Assessment Tool is an international test used by big companies to recruit personnel. It is considered a tool to assess the aptitude and ability to test the potential of the person. The test is divided into 2 aspects: 1.) Evaluation of attitude and 2.) Evaluation of aptitude. This will help individuals to know their aptitudes or talents, such as an aptitude for critical thinking, creative aptitude, management aptitude, and skills in arts. This enables the company to assess the potential of the people, who came to work filling in the appropriate fields.

Develop Hidden Potential

In terms of thought processes, subjects assessed with the Psytech Assessment Tool will assess students’ weaknesses or self-imposed flaws that require further training or development, as well as self-motivation. This includes examination of emotional intelligence or leadership thinking process as well.

For the Bachelor of Business Administration program Design and Digital Innovation Program, this is a collaboration with True Corporation Public Company Limited, which encourages students in this course to be able to access this test through the Psytech Assessment Tool. Thus, students can assess themselves knowing their aptitude and hidden potential through quizzes. Thus, students can be aware of themselves from the moment they start attending university. They would know the areas of weakness and strength that they have. This will enable students to develop their strengths even further and improve on their weaknesses. Therefore, they would be best prepared before graduating from university and ready to work in international companies.

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