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Program Details

Creating Entrepreneurs for the Digital Era

Bachelor of Business Administration Program Design and Digital Innovation (B.B.A. Design & Digital Innovation) is a program aimed to create entrepreneurs for the digital age, who would succeed in building their business and innovation in the future. Students would learn from successful global business owners. Block Teaching model is used allowing students to gain intensive knowledge of each subject. Thus, learning is better than other forms of learning.

business girl - ABAC DDI Business Administrator
students 1 - ABAC DDI Business Administrator

Focus on Practicality

( Sandbox Model )

This program focuses on students’ practice. Apart from studying in the classroom, students gain experience from Mentors, business experts in the digital age from many famous companies. Students would learn through case study, group discussion, practical workshop, and project assignment-simulation.
In addition, students will receive funding from the Assumption University to create their own businesses.

Therefore, the Bachelor of Business Administration program Design and Digital Innovation Program, has the goal for nurturing students, who have the ambition to become entrepreneurs. They would gain chances to fully enter business trial by learning to fall before going out to face the world in the digital age. It is like a playground for students before they grow into successful entrepreneurs in the future.