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Core Learning

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Design & Digital Innovation is an integrated program jointly organized by 5 faculties of Assumption University, which are 1.) School of Management and Economics 2.) School of Science and Technology 3 .) School of Communication Arts 4.) School of Architecture and Design 5.) and School of Music to organize learning and train students to be real entrepreneurs. The students in this program will be selected into the house according to the skill and aptitude of the person. The results are evaluated through the Psytech Assessment Tool program, the principles of each house are as follows:

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A home for avid management training, students will have the classes with qualified teachers and special speakers from leading global companies, who are ready to provide knowledge. This is an experience, which cannot be found anywhere else. Students will learn from real experiences. They would have a chance to develop their own business opportunities with a Mentor guiding the path towards a successful digital career. Students would be ready to step into the world of international market competition.

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Home of technology with new innovations which will change the perspective of students. The goal is to create a broader vision through being well-informed about the world of technology. They would be ready to change their own business to keep pace with the competitive world in the digital age. Students would stay abreast of globalization through application of modern technology for successful business practices.

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A home for the modern designer, learning in this house provides knowledge of product design and making advertising media for differentiation from the market competitors. The goal is to innovate and create inspiring product designs, including the principles of creative thinking and making of graphic presentations.

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A home that fosters the spirit of students as ethical business entrepreneurs for the environment, society, and life. Students will learn life skills for adapting public communication skills to better express one’s identity to stand out and gain acceptance. These are critical factors that support successful business entrepreneurs.

In addition to the four houses where students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Design and Digital Innovation (B.B.A. Design & Digital Innovation) will be trained in every skill from each home, students are able to customize the courses based on their interests. Students can choose 30 credit courses from more than 800 different faculties. They would also receive a certificate when they study a group of courses that meet the requirements of that particular faculty. The Bachelor of Business Administration program Design and Digital Innovation Program is a course that provides open and free learning experiences focusing on the goal of making students entrepreneurs in the digital age.