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Fast Track
3 Years

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Step into the digital age with a new way of learning

Bachelor of Administration, a program in Design and Digital Innovation, aims for students to be “Entrepreneurs in the digital age succeed through business creation and innovation in future” by learning from business people. Trained by Success world-class companies in four areas: business, technology and innovation, design, and Human and organizational development.

This course will also focus on foreign language skills and student internship programs in various industries, as well as experience of being a business owner from actual practice 4 areas: business, technology and innovation, design including human and organizational development

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Block Teaching

The notably, creatively designed and superior block teaching method of the AU Innovative DDI: Design and Digital Innovation Program enables students to embark on one course at a time to gain the best benefits of feasible business trainings & practices, knowledge and skills with less emphasis on the usual conventional classroom teachings. This is to ensure students’ future business success, achievements and sustainability.

The interaction, exposure, exchanges and sharing of meaningful business experiences between trainers/instructors and learners are essential of our program: i.e. exciting Group Discussions, Practical Workshops, Skill Development, Project Assignment-Simulation & Case Studies etc, directed towards students’ interests among numerous other enhanced learning activities.

Sandbox Business

An excellent stage or smooth avenue for success-driven students to pursue their dreams; evetually actualizing business success & entrepreneurship or realistic startups.

The AU specialized curriculum features crafty & viable business tactics, latest technology and innovations etc, where learners gain constant guidance, supports and valuable lessons & advice from our efficient coaches (mentors).

The child- like Sandbox is pictured as the children safe playground where they can freely enjoy playing, experimenting, learning and experiencing least pains or hurts as the soft sand cushion the impacts of their falls or failures.

Similarly, AU students will likewise encounter minimal defeats, failures or disappointments as our capable coaches are readily available to lift them up, wisely direct and support them towards greater business success or achievements.

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