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The Most Freedom of Learning
The Best Future for Successful Entrepreneurs
The Best Business Strategic Planning 
in the Digital Era
The Best Learning Experience from World-Class Business Gurus
The Most Modern Curricula in Technology and Innovation
BBA in Design and Digital Innovation Program, MSME BUSINESS SCHOOL

Plan your own direction and future

Benefit from subjects best suited to your interest & development:

Business Administration  |  Creative Design Process  |  Digital Innovation  |  Social Skills etc.

The AU Advanced & Innovative Business Administration Program: DDI: “Design & Digital Innovation” specialized to equipping graduates towards becoming successful entrepreneurs in digital age.  Learn from leading world-class successful businessmen, i.e. essentially in 4 vital areas: Business, Technology & Innovation, Design Tactics, Individual & Organizational Development; with added foreign language proficiency and internship & professional training projects in various industries, enabling students to practically initiate their own businesses. 

Learn Business Courses according to your preference


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Three-Year Intensive Curricula

Our 3-year intensive program offers fun, modern style of learning. Students can experiment and start a Sandbox Business in a space that allows students with dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur to set up new businesses. The purpose is to test ideas, technologies, and innovations invented in the businesses. A Sandbox Business is like a children playground. Sand is poured so that children do not get hurt when they fall. In starting a business, we encourage students not to be afraid of failure. Even if they fail, they still have business coaches and program mechanisms that support and guide students to further progress because they can have an opportunity to learn from failure.

Learn from Business Professionals from Leading Organization

Students can learn from experienced businessmen, who would be their coaches. They include
Dr.Boonkiat Chokwattana and Dr.Surat Wongrattanapatsorn from Sahapat PLC.,
Dr.Kittinut Tikawan from True Corporation PLC.,
Dr.Prapon Rattanachaikanon from True Coffee, True Corporation PLC.,
and Dr.Sangsuk Pittayanukul from Smooth-E, Siam Health Group Co.,Ltd.

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Learn what you need, focus on practicality

Design & Digital Innovation Program utilizes a Block Teaching mode. This takes less time than other programs, which allows students to gain knowledge and focus on each course. So, this learning method is better than others. In addition, it’s suitable for students. They can continuously practice with real business case, apart from learning in classroom. Students can integrate and apply their knowledge, skills, and experience for work in the future.

DDI's Student Point of View


DDI Online Open House Batch 2

DDI Online Open House Batch 2 on Saturday 11 September 2021