• A team of first year students from MSME Business School’s Design and Digital Innovation (DDI) program has won the 2021 PRU Fintegrate Competition, as announced on November 11, 2021. The ‘Care U’ team consists of three students from the DDI program, namely Pornpipat Kitireanglarp (Gem), Rapeepan Yuenyong (Pee), Kornkamol Lumpeng (Ice), and were joined by Chunnakan Sematut (Oak) from Chulalongkorn University’s BASCII program. The ‘Care U’ team was awarded 1,000 USD for their creative contribution to the First Innovation Challenge. The Challenge’s theme was on nutrition.
  • Competing against participants from around the world, ‘Care U’ proposed an idea to “change the environment” by organizing cabinets and refrigerators in a way that would subconsciously make family members consume healthy food. The team was mentored by two highly knowledgeable and dedicated faculty members of the Vincent and Mary School of Science and Technology: Dr. Songsak Channarukul, Dean, and Ajarn Tapanan Yeophantong, Assistant Dean for External Affairs.
  • Organized by Prudential, the 2021 PRU Fintegrate Competition solicits participation from the design, tech, and student communities to come up with ideas or solutions that create an impact on people’s health and wealth.

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