Department of Digital Design and Innovation, Martin de Tours School of Business and Economics, Assumption University Bring more than 93 students to DDI BOOTCAMP, a camp where all students get hands-on design innovations in startups that interest them. Students will be able to use their accumulated knowledge and experience to create new things to grow their businesses. More importantly, students have a team of Mentors who can advise and work together. DDI BOOTCAMP offers students the opportunity to showcase Being able to present a roadmap to actually bring the seeding fund to a start-up is also something that DDI BOOTCAMP is not a typical seminar camp. But it is a camp that encourages new, energetic entrepreneurs to sell ideas. Show your potential to use the seeding fund to support start up next.

DDI BOOTCAMP camp was held for 3 days from 23 to 25 May 65 at the Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel. The President of Assumption University, Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, gave an opening speech at the Camp on the first day. During the 3 days 2 nights frenzied event with faculty and mentors, in addition to all students gaining experience from guru to develop their own business plan ideas. It also took the time to present a business plan to obtain funding from the committee. who are experts in the Start up business industry in Thailand as well

Note: Seeding fund is a start-up fund given by the university to DDI students to start a business.

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